How Important is Food to an Occasion?

Does the food you serve at a party make that much of a difference? Surely it is the company and the activities that you provide that make or break the occasion? Well, think about feeding burger-and-chips hungry mates with all vegan products, or supplying a meat feast pizza to your vegetarian friend who is on a diet. Social occasions need all the elements to work, and food is one of the most important of these elements. Hosting a formal dinner for your slightly upper-class boss and his very particular wife requires an exquisitely perfect three-course meal that looks even better than it tastes. Brie or camembert served with grapes and strong demitasses of espresso should mark the end of the meal. On the other hand, a poker party with your mates and colleagues should be a hearty and cheerful affair, with good but unpretentious food and drink: pop and beer – nothing too strong – accompanied by burgers, pizzas, maybe even chicken wings. If you are going to provide finger food, think about putting out some finger bowls or wipes so that everyone can clean their hands before touching their cards and accidentally ‘marking’ them! Poker is not just one game. It is often shown in the movies as a five-card draw game, where the game goes very quickly and everything comes down to the turn of the last card while the tension builds and the players. The game can look serious and daunting, but this is only one form of the game. There are many fun versions of poker that can greatly add to the sense of camaraderie and fun at an organised poker night. In short, the required elements for hosting a successful event from formal dinner to poker night are: good friends, a suitable playing area, excellent sense of fun, and great food.