Develop a hobby to a business

Hobbies are pastimes that enable you to exercise skills that you would otherwise never use, for example, woodworking and crafting metals, painting, drawing and even, performing. Turning your hobby into your job is always rewarding and who wouldn’t like to do what they love all day – and get paid for it? It is not an easy route, but when you succeed, the effort pays dividends.First, make sure you have a market for whatever it is you do or produce. If you make curries or bake cakes, organise eat-ins and invite friends and family to try your wares. Look on the Internet for venues where you can sell goods, food and craft fairs. Once you have established your product, it is time to set about making a business plan.Using a recent bank statement, work out how much money you need to make initially, to cover your living expenses. Next, work out how much you need to produce to cover these expenses and make a profit. Be wary of giving notice on your job until you have a steady income and ideally, money saved to tide you over until your business takes off. Be realistic here; while building your business, you also need time to relax and sleep. In your plan, describe all of the ways you can advertise your product, for example, handing around flyers, speaking on local radio and TV, launching a website and connecting with social media.Now, work out how you can add to your revenue by launching products that tie in with your main product. If you are expert at making curries, you could put together a book filled with curry recipes. The book will not only earn you revenue, it will act as a silent salesman for your delicious curry dishes. If you are going to blog about what you do, be aware of sites that can earn you revenue, for example, Hub Pages. The more imaginative and innovative you are with marketing, the more likely you are to succeed. Good luck.