Host a Casino Night

Casino parties are really popular at the moment. If you host one your guests are guaranteed to have a fun time and they are also really easy to plan. You just need some basic decorations like dice, playing cards, neon lights, or you could go with a red and black theme and you’ve got Vegas right there in your living room. Throw in some tables that you can play games on and you are good to go. Here are some ideas to make your casino party a huge success.


It can be a little bit difficult thinking about food for a casino party, after all, what is traditional casino food? Our recommendation would be to go for an all-American theme, Las Vegas is after all the place that comes to mind when you think about casinos so why not celebrate some dishes that the city is well known for. Las Vegas is full of world-class restaurants but it is the menus of the lower key ones that you should try and replicate. Think prime rib, shrimp cocktail, baked potatoes, cheese balls and caesar salad and you are on the right lines.


As host, you should take on the role of the dealer in each game that you play so that your guests can relax and enjoy the experience. You should, therefore, brush up on your technique before the party just to make sure you do the job well. It makes sense to stick to simple games that most of your guests will already know how to play to save spending lots of times giving out instructions. Games such as Blackjack and Roulette, if you can hire a table from somewhere, are relatively easy to understand. Poker is also a good game to play if you want to involve all guests at one time, just make sure that you understand winning poker hands before the event so that you can settle any arguments.

Develop a hobby to a business

Hobbies are pastimes that enable you to exercise skills that you would otherwise never use, for example, woodworking and crafting metals, painting, drawing and even, performing. Turning your hobby into your job is always rewarding and who wouldn’t like to do what they love all day – and get paid for it? It is not an easy route, but when you succeed, the effort pays dividends.

First, make sure you have a market for whatever it is you do or produce. If you make curries or bake cakes, organise eat-ins and invite friends and family to try your wares. Look on the Internet for venues where you can sell goods, food and craft fairs. Once you have established your product, it is time to set about making a business plan.

Using a recent bank statement, work out how much money you need to make initially, to cover your living expenses. Next, work out how much you need to produce to cover these expenses and make a profit. Be wary of giving notice on your job until you have a steady income and ideally, money saved to tide you over until your business takes off. Be realistic here; while building your business, you also need time to relax and sleep. In your plan, describe all of the ways you can advertise your product, for example, handing around flyers, speaking on local radio and TV, launching a website and connecting with social media.

Now, work out how you can add to your revenue by launching products that tie in with your main product. If you are expert at making curries, you could put together a book filled with curry recipes. The book will not only earn you revenue, it will act as a silent salesman for your delicious curry dishes. If you are going to blog about what you do, be aware of sites that can earn you revenue, for example, Hub Pages. The more imaginative and innovative you are with marketing, the more likely you are to succeed. Good luck.

How Important is Food to an Occasion?

Does the food you serve at a party make that much of a difference? Surely it is the company and the activities that you provide that make or break the occasion? Well, think about feeding burger-and-chips hungry mates with all vegan products, or supplying a meat feast pizza to your vegetarian friend who is on a diet. Social occasions need all the elements to work, and food is one of the most important of these elements.

Hosting a formal dinner for your slightly upper-class boss and his very particular wife requires an exquisitely perfect three-course meal that looks even better than it tastes. Brie or camembert served with grapes and strong demitasses of espresso should mark the end of the meal.

On the other hand, a poker party with your mates and colleagues should be a hearty and cheerful affair, with good but unpretentious food and drink: pop and beer – nothing too strong – accompanied by burgers, pizzas, maybe even chicken wings. If you are going to provide finger food, think about putting out some finger bowls or wipes so that everyone can clean their hands before touching their cards and accidentally ‘marking’ them!

Poker is not just one game. It is often shown in the movies as a five-card draw game, where the game goes very quickly and everything comes down to the turn of the last card while the tension builds and the players. The game can look serious and daunting, but this is only one form of the game. There are many fun versions of poker that can greatly add to the sense of camaraderie and fun at an organised poker night.

In short, the required elements for hosting a successful event from formal dinner to poker night are: good friends, a suitable playing area, excellent sense of fun, and great food.

An entertainment room

Your time is precious and the time that you have to relax is valuable.
That is why an entertainment room in your house is vital.

Your own in-home theatre with surround sound is your sanctuary. Spending time with your partner or children in a movie-like atmosphere is the perfect way to end your day.
Whether your vibe is contemporary, retro, classic, minimalist or industrial, your entertainment room needs to suit your style and the style of those around you.
The least that is needed in this space is a TV and couch, so if your room is big or small you can style it to suit. If you have limited space, the TV can be mounted on the wall and wiring should be kept tidy and subtly concealed. Speakers can also be concealed to give the atmosphere of a theatre where the sound effects seem to come out of nowhere, or speakers can be placed in strategic areas to give the greatest impact.
Additions of a coffee table, lamps, shelves, rugs, pictures, curtains, cushions, magazines, plants and other accessories can all be designed to suit your needs and the size of the room.
When hosting friends the space needs to be planned so that everyone can have a brilliant time.
From being enthralled by a children’s movie with hidden messages of good morals and values, swept away by a captivating blockbuster, being lost in a romantic comedy, or scared silly by a horror, your entertainment room should be enjoyed by all.

Poker and good food, a winning combination

Arranging a poker night is a great idea to make new friends and have lots of fun. One should, however, also be careful not to embarrass anyone who is new or relatively new to the game.

You should therefore draw up your guest list taking into account how experienced (or not) your guests are. Also make sure you let everyone know well before the time what type of poker game will be played to give newcomers to the game time to study the rules.

To make newbies feel more comfortable you could also set betting limits and open your house an hour or so before the start of the game so they have time to learn the basics of the game with an open hand.

Your next decision is the menu for the evening. Your budget will of course have the final say here, but nevertheless keep in mind the season and once again your guest list. You don’t want to serve a soy bean salad to someone who is allergic to soy!

If your budget is very restricted the bare minimum is a few basic snacks such as popcorn, chips, pretzels and perhaps sweets. Also make sure there’s something non-alcoholic to drink, e.g. soda, water and/or energy drinks. It’s OK to ask your guests beforehand to bring their own alcohol if preferred.

If you want to spend a little more cold and/or hot hors d’oeuvres is a good idea. Also add some wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks if you have. And a single bottle of whisky, brandy or port for everyone to share is a great idea.

Should you have the money and you want to splurge, serve a full dinner before the game starts. Follow this up with hors d’oeuvres and snacks during the game – and keep a nice and interesting surprise for after the game, perhaps a small, exotic dish that will have everyone talking as they drive home.

Entertainment for the whole family

It’s no secret that kids can be picky eaters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the kitchen. Not only does teaching kids how to cook give them skills they’ll need for life, but it also encourages them to try new foods. Here’s how to make mealtime entertaining for everyone.

Squeeze it Up

Kids love sauces for their meals and it’s really fun to put them into squirt bottles and write messages or draw pictures on your child’s plate. Use ketchup, barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, or anything else that your child likes. You’re sure to see some smiles.

Turn of Devices

Mealtime can be an enjoyable way to catch up, but you’ve got to keep the phones, tablets, and television turned off. This enables you to focus on one another and not get distracted by your notifications or the sitcom playing in the background. Instead, talk about the fun parts of your day, tell jokes, or update each other on what’s coming tomorrow. This is great for families of all ages.

Cook Together

Kids love to get in the kitchen and have a hand in preparing meals. It might be messy, and it might take a bit longer, but letting your kids help out is a great bonding experience and will turn mealtime into something they look forward to. Even little hands can wash vegetables and stir batter.

Have Breakfast for Dinner

Or snacks for breakfast…mixing things up is hilarious for little kids and fun for older ones too. Serve pancakes at dinnertime or popcorn, crackers and chips and dip for breakfast. This break from the routine is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Find a hobby – live longer

Have you ever considered taking up a hobby? If you have, you are in good company. Millions of people worldwide spend their free time following their passions. Now, studies suggest, that having a hobby may have a beneficial effect on your health and wellbeing, perhaps even helping you to live longer.


Keeping active is an essential part of staying fit and well. Whether it’s yoga, dance classes or walking in the countryside, exercise can help you to manage your weight, improve cardio health and keep bones and muscles strong. Studies have also shown that hobbies, which involve spending time outdoors, can boost vitamin D production and have a therapeutic effect on our mood.

Eating a well-balanced diet is essential for our long-term health. Cooking and gardening are amongst our most popular hobbies and there is nothing better than enjoying a home cooked meal with family and friends, using fresh and healthy ingredients straight from the kitchen garden.

Hobbies can also help in reducing anxiety and stress. Having an interest outside of the pressures of our daily lives, enables us to recharge our batteries and stimulate the little grey cells. Pursuing an interest or learning a new skill keeps our brains active as we get older, so why not take the opportunity to learn to weave a basket or brush up on your French.

In the fast paced world we live in today, it is essential not to overlook our health and wellbeing. As well as getting a huge amount of enjoyment from our hobbies, it appears that they could also be helping us to stay healthier and live longer.

Creating the Perfect Night Out

Whether it is a first date and you are trying to impress, or simply something to celebrate an anniversary; taking someone out for dinner and entertainment is always a daunting task. There are so many aspects to think about, not least will the entertainment live up to expectations. Here we will outline a number of different dinner and entertainment options that you might be able to try out.

The first step in this endeavour is to pick the perfect place for food. This of course will depend on what preferences each of you have but this will certainly whittle down the choices. The next decision that must be made is whether the dinner will take place in the same place as the entertainment or in a separate venue. However, in situations like this, the main plan would be to combine the two in one location.

There are many things in this vein such as enjoying an actual show at the same time. Many venues in large cities offer dinner alongside a cabaret or burlesque show, which can make a rather fun filled evening ( Other venues offer dances such as the tango whilst you dine.

For those that aren’t looking for anything quite as upmarket as there, there are options to play bingo or other games whilst eating out. This can be a really fun way to round off an evening as you can hang out with a group of likeminded people and potentially even earn back the cost of the dinner while you’re at it! Of course these days, bingo can also be played online so you can simply go TV dinner style and bring your entertainment home.

Whatever your final decision however, be sure to enjoy it and make sure that your partner is enjoying it as well.

All You Need to Know About Storing Your Sauces

We all love a good condiment with our meals, but nobody wants a stale sauce. You can prevent your condiments from going bad by following their storage instructions if you want to maintain their flavour for as long as possible.

Some sauces become stale within 5 days, if not stored properly. Some people prefer to store opened sauces in a cupboard, but it’s not recommended. To keep a sauce fresh for as long as possible, pop it in the fridge after breaking the seal.
Look out for the tell-tale signs that your sauce is past its best – darkening of colour, fermented smell, or white-coloured growths.

How to Store Sauces?

Some sauces, for example sweet and sour, require refrigeration; make sure to tighten the cap before keeping it in the fridge. Even when placing the sauces on the dining table, ensure that they are not uncovered for too long because higher temperatures are conducive to the development of bacterial pockets in the ingredients.
Mayonnaise, mustard sauce, hot chili sauce, sweet chili sauce, barbeque sauce, tartare sauce, brown sauce, mint sauce, cranberry sauce, and applesauce are other dressings that need refrigeration after unsealing.

You must also bear in mind that if your sauces are prepared at home, then adding the appropriate proportion of vinegar and sugar is a must. By doing so, you can prevent them from going bad quickly. Remember that the home-prepared sauces have a shorter shelf life compared to the store-bought ones.
Where soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, malt vinegar, sesame oil, and extra virgin olive oil are concerned, they must be stored away from direct sunlight. They can be stored in a dark, cool corner of your kitchen to retain their freshness.

The golden rule for any food storage, sauces included, is when in doubt, throw it out. Pre-prepared sauces often have a long shelf-life, and for that reason we tend to keep them a long time and often continue using them after they are past their best. Nobody likes to waste food, but to stay on the safe side, make sure to buy a new jar or bottle if you think yours has been around for a bit too long.